Building from all the knowledge and skills learnt in previous training courses, the Instrument Rating is the last and most challenging yet achievable hurdle that a student needs to tackle. All training flights prior to this training course required visual navigation (a combination of pilotage, dead reckoning and ground-based radio navigation aids) to be achieved at all times. However, when real world weather precludes visual navigation in any phase of flight, Instrument Rating training is invaluable and mandatory.
Flights with sole reference to cockpit instrumentation can be both challenging and rewarding under the hands of capable instructors. Students are trained initially utilising a FRASCA 142 synthetic trainer and then transition to the Piper PA44 multi-engine aeroplane.
The Instrument Rating training course ends with a flight test conducted by a flight examiner. Successful completion of the flight test will result in an Instrument Rating (with multi-engine aeroplane instrument endorsement and IAP 2D & 3D approach endorsements) awarded to the student.