China Southern West Australian Flying College is managed by a team of professional aviation specialists who are dedicated to the provision of a safe and efficient flight training system for our students and employees alike.

We believe that a safe flying operation is the result of the successful combination of qualified staff, well maintained equipment, carefully developed procedures, and professional training and supervision. Further, as we consider safety to be everyone’s responsibility, our Safety Management System is geared towards maximising staff and student participation. Feedback from our people is extremely important in building an effective safety system, so all potential risks and deficiencies are diligently investigated, and procedures are continually reviewed and amended to enhance the company’s overall effectiveness where safety is concerned.

Safe flight operations are also economically healthy. They benefit our client (China Southern Airlines), and they benefit the College and its employees. Safe flight operations also benefit the community at large, and provide the College’s stake-holders with the confidence to maintain their investment in our continual improvement programme. Accordingly, CSWAFC expects a commitment to safety from every one of its staff and students. When it comes to the critical issues of safety, we believe we should accept nothing less.