China Southern West Australian Flying College’s Merredin base was purchased in 1995 which included two small gravel airstrips. Today, it houses a multi-million dollar airfield including two sealed cross airstrips in the direction of 10/28 and 17/35. It is also equipped with runway lighting for night operations as well as a state-of-the-art Aviation Weather Information System (AWIS).

The Merredin base features separate buildings for ground school, flight operations, simulators, and a platform for monitoring aircraft approaching, departing, and on the ground. In addition, we have a dedicated lunch room as well as an Assessment Learning Services (ASL) room for ground theory exams that are administered directly by CASA contractors. The apron includes facilities to house 15 aircraft undercover as well as a maintenance hangar with room to accommodate an additional 12 if required.

Students are housed in living quarters in the Town of Merredin and are shuttled to and from the aerodrome by private buses that run frequently throughout the day. There is a maximum capacity of 144 students that can be accommodated here inclusive of a mess hall that caters three meals per day all year round.